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Our knitting division can knit jerseys, ribs & interlock in different gauges

Eco friendly fabric dyeing

Our dyeing unit follows zero discharge norm by having sophisticated efficient treatment plant having REVERSE Osmosis Plant and mechanical evaporator.

Fabric Finishing

Our fabric finishing unit has “Ferraro” felt compactor to ensure dimensional stability of fabric , Santex relax dryers & Calator baloon padding & Bianco split opener.

Virtual Fit Simulation

3 dimensional fit simulation software for virtual fitting and draping of the garment created using CAD patterns.

The measurements of the fit model and garments spec is given by the client.

This helps us in speeding our approval of fit, Viewing colour combination to near perfection and interaction with the customers, online or by video conferencing.

The software also lets you to view how the products will look even before it is made.

In addition to this we have in house designers and a team of graphic artist for all hand drawn designs to keep abreast with the latest developments in the fashion world.


We have a Gerber fabric spreader & Investronica automatic cutter with entire CAD/CAM software for efficient cutting.

Sewing Facilities

Our sewing facilities are equipped with the most modern machines from cutting to finishing, consisting of American, Europe & Japanese machines.


We are equipped with Tajima & Barudan embroidery machines which can do specialized sequence, carding, looping & punching designs.

Printing Division

We have a state of the art rotary printing machine which can print up to 12 colors. We can do pigment / reactive printing & discharge printing.

Green initiative

Being a responsible corporate citizen, We believe in sustainable development & care to leave a cleaner world to our future generations. We generate wind power which is supplied to our process house. R&D is happening in using Solar Energy for heating and lighting.

At DANEX we are committed to product quality and timely delivery. Our Products are made in Strict conformity to REACH Standards. We have OKOTEX Standard - 100 Class 2 Certifications. In production we emphasis on

  • Quality & Product Safety.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Product innovation.
  • Flexibility

At DANEX we are committed to product quality and timely delivery